my name is david and I love telling stories

Ever since I was a kid, I loved stories: both watching, listening and reading them, just as coming up with them myself. Eventually I turned my passion about captivating stories into my photographic work: I decided to capture and tell stories through my camera.

I got my first camera back in 2014—strangely I also started out earning some money with my shots right away. While I initially taught myself the basics of this craft, I later had the amazing opportunity to learn from one of the greatest dance photographers I know: Valentin Behringer. Inspired, intimidated and challenged by his work, I put all into it. Nowadays I may have moved beyond my roots in dancing photography, however it will always hold a special place in my heart.

Like I said before, I love telling stories. Thus I would not describe myself as a dance photographer, event or people photographer.
I am a story photographer.
So feel free to follow me on my search for the next incredible story I want to share with the world.
Who knows? Maybe it will be yours …


David Goffin |